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Corporate Incentive Programs

The Canacash prepaid Visa incentive cards are provided by companies that wish to motivate sales, reward good behaviour, reward safety in the workplace, pay commissions, pay year-end bonuses... These cards are typically provided to employees, clients, dealers, vendors and consumers. Our incentive cards are also used by companies that wish to recognize customers, resellers or vendors, as well as employees. They can also be used for rebates or promotions. Cardholders appreciate just how flexible and convenient the incentive cards are. They also love the fact that they can choose their own incentive. Incentive cards offer a cost efficient alternative to writing cheques, providing vouchers or merchandise that may not ever get used. When you choose a reloadable program you can easily provide ongoing incentives, keeping the recipient very loyal.


Benefits and Opportunities

  • Increase brand & customer loyalty by adding your branding to the card
  • Our advanced program makes the process easy and affordable
  • Use our reloadable prepaid program to provide instant rewards for recipients
  • Drive recipients to your website to activate their card, check balances, and learn about your rewards program
  • Motivate sales by sending your message on the card carrier
  • Reduces the cost of administration, postage, cheque writing and increases perceived value of the reward
  • Proven to motivate sales
  • Is appreciated by recipients and helps drive allegiance to your organization
  • Provides timely, relevant and meaningful reward for your customers

Whether you're looking to build a recognition culture or reinforce a specific aspect of performance, rewards are a proven method for positive change. When done well, rewards improve productivity and attitude, enhance employee retention, lower the costs of training and rehiring, and ultimately add to your bottom line. This is why it pays to develop an incentive program with us rather than using typical merchandise, certificates and plaques.