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Ask CanaCash about Creating a Pleasure Card

Gift giving can be made easy with a Pleasure Card. Don't know the size, colour or style that she likes....she returns most gifts you purchase for store credit. Avoid the hassles and get the perfect gift right from the start! You can do all of your shopping for birthdays, weddings, thank you gifts, anniversaries, grandchildren - whatever the occasion.

The Pleasure Card is truly the perfect gift to send every time and is the gift of choice.

If you are interested in creating your very own Pleasure Card for your organization please contact us at 1-855-289-8472 X103

                    Click on the card below to learn more about Pleasure Cards.


Virtual Cards-**COMING SOON**

With the Virtual Card you get many of the conveniences of traditional Pleasure cards, but is typically available within 24 hours* without the extra cost of shipping. The ordering process is the same way for plastic cards except the recipient only receives a virtual card account, not a plastic card. Gift recipients receive an email notification with a link to activate their Virtual Card.

The Virtual Card provides you with a quick, easy and memorable gift idea. It's especially good for those who love shopping online, over the phone, or through mail order.

Anyone over 16 years of age with an email address can use The Virtual Prepaid Card from CanaCash. You don't need a bank account or bank references. Forget about credit checks or interest charges. It's an intelligent, easy and secure way to shop online.

But don't worry, it's safe and comes with Fraud Protection.