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 March 05, 2015

CanaCash To Launch New Bill Pay Feature May 2015

CanaCash Financial Services Ltd an innovative Canadian Program Manager in the Prepaid stored value card industry has developed a powerful platform to offer bill pay for over 7500 vendors on line in our CanaPay system that can be conveniently paid through our web portal. Our original version is now disabled and the new platform will launch in May 2015. Pay personal bills and send money to almost anyone in Canada. Fast. Simple. Secure. With a few simple instructions, you can pay your regular monthly bills and transfer funds to other bank accounts. You can also set up your own billers so that you may never have to write a cheque again. There is no more stuffing of envelopes, no more cheque clearing charges, and no postage costs, saving you time and money! Many electronic payment systems restrict you to only a limited number of billers (utilities, taxes, etc.) With CanaPay you can pay over 7500 billers on file and we are adding more all the time.

February 19, 2015

PRIZM Reloadable Visa Card Market Growth

CanaCash Financial Services Ltd. a Canadian Program Manager in the prepaid stored value card industry is proud to announce rapid and continued growth in card sales since the original PRIZM card launch. David Gilbert announced at the board meeting "We have experienced terrific growth year over year and superb customer feedback for the PRIZM reloadable prepaid card". The PRIZM card is feature rich and is highly competitive. The PRIZM allows you to shop in confidence without fees at POS for making purchases, has low ATM withdrawal rates, is accepted worldwide in all locations accepting Visa, gives the cardholder 30 minutes FREE long distance calling from within Canada to most of North America, text (SMS) notifications, card to card transfer, 24/7 customer service, pay your bills online at over 6500 Canadian vendors, No Bank account required, No credit check, never pay interest and much more. 

March 4, 2015

CanaCash Extends the FREE Long Distance Calling With The PRIZM Prepaid Visa Card

CanaCash Financial Services Ltd. a Canadian Program Manager in the prepaid stored value card industry has approved to continue with the 30 minutes FREE long distance calling feature on the PRIZM prepaid card.  PRIZM is a feature rich prepaid, reloadable stored value card which can be loaded over and over anytime up to a $5000 balance. The first 30 minutes calling from within Canada to most destinations in North America are absolutely FREE with the purchase of the PRIZM prepaid card.

Archived July 2011

CanaCash Offers Custom Branded Stored Value Cards in Canada

CanaCash Financial Services Ltd an innovative Canadian Program Manager in the Prepaid Stored Value Card industry will offer custom branding opportunities to their clients. This is a milestone as CanaCash produces a variety of stored value products with benefits that separate them from the competition.  CanaCash can create branded corporate cards at extremely affordable prices utilizing the features and benefits offered. Branded prepaid cards are an original and cost-effective way to reward your customers, gain repeat business, and communicate with your target market. Consumers always enjoy promotions and free giveaways, and will therefore be more inclined to give you their business in the future. These cards will also further brand your business by including your company name, logo, and unique message in the design. Corporately branded cards can be employed as an integral part of your marketing mix.

Archived 2010

CanaCash To Develop New Stored Value Cards as a Program Manager

New, innovative, creative are the buzzwords of David Gilbert CFO of CanaCash Financial Services. It is very exciting for us and our customers knowing that CanaCash as a Program Manager will introduce feature rich, unique stored value cards. CanaCash Financial Services Ltd. under a special agreement contract as a Program Manager through sponsorship by All Trans Financial Services Credit Union Limited of Toronto, Ontario Canada is amongst a small group in Canada with the distinction of being a Program Manager in the prepaid stored value card industry. CanaCash has gone through a very difficult and lengthy process of due diligence by the bank and credit card companies to secure this position. With this distinct position, CanaCash has the ability to design and implement prepaid stored value card programs. Any organization that wishes to have their own prepaid stored value card program must go through either a Program Manager or one of the Program Manager's distributors. When you work with CanaCash you are dealing at the very top of the channel of distribution and have eliminated all the middlemen.

Tuesday March 3, 2015

Corporate Incentive Programs

New, innovative, inspiring and exciting clearly describe the corporate incentive prepaid programs developed by CanaCash. We look forward to working with you to motivate your staff, clients or distributors. Your employees and clients are without a doubt important to your company. But you have to show them that they are. Boost loyalty by giving them a huge "thank you" with a CanaCash Prepaid Visa Incentive Card.