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Payroll Cards

Businesses of all sizes that need to pay out to employees choose CanaCash Financial Services Ltd (CFS) for Trusted Electronic Disbursement Services. Your payroll is deposited directly to the PRIZM Payroll Card.

Whether you are the employee or employer you can have absolute confidence that your payroll is delivered ON TIME. CFS has developed a state of the art web based Payroll Card System* that is tailored to your needs. The highly trained CanaCash delivery system team put you and your company first and foremost, delivering flawless, secure, accurate and fast service.

Call today 1-855-289-8472 X115 or contact by us by email Click here to see how easy and beneficial our Payroll Card System* is to you. It is simply amazing, cost effective and you will love the benefits! 


*Currently administered & available only in the Province of Ontario