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Payroll Cards

The PRIZM Payroll Card* is a reloadable prepaid card that provides employees a secure, convenient, low cost alternative to payroll cheques.

The PRIZM Payroll Card provides you immediate access to your pay and the security of Zero Liability Fraud Protection for the cardholder. You have access to your money 24 hours a day via purchases, point-of-sale terminals and ATMs. Account information is always available through "My Card Space" on this site, at the ATM, or by calling toll-free customer service.

Your money is automatically deposited into your own individually-owned account. The card is welcome everywhere Visa cards are accepted - millions of locations worldwide including Internet and mail/telephone order merchants, point-of-sale terminal, as well as ATMs with Plus® logo.

PRIZM Payroll Card Benefits include:

  • Saves time - easy access to funds and no waiting in lines to cash paycheque.
  • Convenience - use for purchases everywhere that Visa cards are accepted, point-of-sale terminals and to withdraw cash at virtually any ATM 24 hours a days
  • Provides security - no need to walk around with large amounts of cash
  • Eliminates cheque-cashing cost - keep more of your paycheque to spend as needed 
  • Improves control over money - take only what you need, when you need it
  • Account information and customer service - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Payroll professionals are enthusiastically aware of the inherent benefits of utilizing the PRIZM electronic payroll card program within their organization. Upon doing so, their employer can save money and resources associated with their payroll processing and distribution costs while employees benefit with the piece of mind of knowing that their wages are accurately and consistently deposited into their personal card. Also, PRIZM Payroll, the cutting edge, feature rich CanaCash payroll card helps strengthen employee and employer relationships. Employees feel empowered and proud to use their personalized payroll card.

A Solution for Unbanked Employees

PRIZM payroll cards provide a solution to paying employees that cannot receive direct deposit to a bank account as a high percentage of individuals in the Canadian workforce are without bank accounts. These workforces tend to be in the agricultural, food processing, manufacturing, restaurant, hospitality, retail and transportation sectors of our economy. These workers are frequently called the unbanked by employers. The statistics in Canada indicate that the number of unbanked individuals is increasing annually. 

Additional Employee Benefits with PRIZM 

  • employees immediately eliminate cheque-cashing fees that they may have historically paid to access their wages each payday;
  • PRIZM payroll monthly fees are lower than many bank account fees
  • as an employee you are empowered with your own personalized PRIZM card;
  • trips to wait in line to cash paper paycheques become unnecessary;
  • wages can be accessed via 24-hour ATM Plus networks;
  • use your PRIZM payroll card to shop worldwide;
  • employees no longer are required to go to their worksite to pick up paycheques on days off or during vacations;
  • no more waiting for paycheques to arrive in the mail;
  • employees experience increased safety and security associated with not having to physically carry their entire pay on their person, in cash, after cashing their paycheque;
  • employees can now purchase goods and services at point-of-sale terminals within stores without a fee;
  • exposure to identity theft decreases as the likelihood of personal information on paycheques ending up in the wrong hands is eliminated when paycheques and pay statements are no longer issued to employees on paper; and
  • PRIZM provides employees the opportunity to get a secondary card to allow family members access to wages.

Benefits as an Employer Choosing PRIZM Payroll Cards

PRIZM Payroll card start up costs are very affordable. As an employer you will immediately eliminate the reoccurring costs associated with buying traditional paper paycheque stock with security features. You will also enjoy cost savings from decreased toner cartridge usage for their paycheque printers as well as significant decreases in postage and overnight delivery charges for sending paycheques to employees at multiple work sites.

Other advantages of the PRIZM payroll card for employers include:

  • the reduction or elimination of bank service fees and account reconciliation costs, as well as stop payment fees for lost/stolen paycheques;
  • strengthen company allegiance with the employee;
  • co-brand the PRIZM card with your corporate logo elevating your brand recognition;
  • initiating final wage payments to terminating workers via the PRIZM card in lieu of having to physically provide a final paper paycheque to them in person or via overnight delivery; and
  • by decreasing the total number of paper paycheques having to be produced and sent out by the organization to pay employees their wages, employers can significantly minimize their exposure to paycheque fraud.


*currently available in Ontario


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